Photo Credit: Jennifer Bonnet Photography by Jennifer Bonnet  Brooke Garrison . Photographer  Weddings . Seniors . Newborns

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bonnet Photography by Jennifer Bonnet

Brooke Garrison . Photographer

Weddings . Seniors . Newborns


Hi, I'm Brooke! I'm a wife and mother to two beautiful boys. The smiles start at home with them and continue with having a "job" that allows me to do what I absolutely love. I adore the small things - bed head from my two boys when they wake in the morning, seeing a hint of my personality in my oldest son and watching the sweetness my youngest has to offer every day. And let’s not forget the man of the house....the one that keeps everyone in order when he gets home from working a long day. I'm so grateful and blessed for my sweet family and for this amazing journey I am on.

I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl. I would ask my mom to get me those little disposable cameras and I would shoot away. We would get the cameras developed and I could see the images of life as I saw it. As I grew older, I started to learn about and master the technical side of photography. As most budding photographers do, I photographed everything and loved it! But once I started this business I asked myself, what do I want to specialize in? What am I passionate about photographing? I realized that what I loved most was capturing major events in a person’s life. Lifetime milestone’s where hiring an expert to capturing the moment is a must like your senior year of high school, or your wedding day or your brand new baby.

Senior photography has my heart. I think it was the fact that I can relate to the girls being that I was just a senior myself and I had my own dream of being a model one day. I know what a senior wants from their photographs. I know how to make them comfortable, how to pose them, how to see beauty in unique locations. I love being able to bring out the beauty they have with in. After capturing seniors I began to embark on something more challenging that would give my creativity a little twist and started photographing life’s next major milestone where photography was important. Your wedding day! Ever since I shot my very first wedding I was hooked! It was the excitement and the constant moving and the ability to capture the love two people share for each other. To be able to provide a life time of memories to a couple as they start their journey together as husband and wife is a gift. I am so blessed to do what I do. After I’ve captured your wedding day, let me be a part of yet another wonderful milestone in your life…. your newborn baby! Newborn photography is an art and is something I grew to love after the birth of my own children. Whatever stage you are in your life, let me be there to make sure you have stunning images to remember each by.

Weddings . Seniors . Newborns

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