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Hi, I'm <span>Brooke Garrison</span>.<br>

Hi, I'm Brooke Garrison.

I specialize in Weddings, Senior Portraits & Newborn Portraits.

Hi, I'm <span>Brooke Garrison</span>.<br>
Hi, I'm <span>Brooke Garrison</span>.<br>

As a photographer, I started B.Garrison Photography with a vision: to capture inspiring images and to create an experience that exceeds all expectations. My journey has been a journey into the hearts and lives of every client I encounter. We share visions, draw out emotions, and embrace the beauty of life, one treasured moment at a time.

I married my husband Jonathan in 2007 and we have 3 children Bentley, Braxton & Bristol.

On my off time from work you can catch me living my best life with our amazing children. I'm the type of mom that likes to play rough and get dirty with the kids. At family functions while all the adults are chatting you may find me in the middle of all the kids playing a mad game of nerf gun wars or throwing a ball or two. And hey if they are up to it we are totally playing hide and go seek. I don't like to hear I'm too old for this and that. What can I say we love to have fun!

In 2017 our family had experienced what its like to be homeless and without nothing. We woke up to a turn of events of our worst fear, a burning home. I sometimes talk about this as its something that gets me through a few haunted moments we deal with at times. I always try to say it could have been worst. At the time we only had our two boys & boy was I taught many things. Never take life for granted, never take what you have for granted & always tell your loved ones you love them. During the rebuilding process of our home we were hit with the unexpected news that we were expecting our 3rd child a little girl. I think back on those days and I can't help but to think God had different plans for us. Plans that weren't in the books for our life. We moved back into our home 4 days before we welcomed our first little girl and the rest is history! We try to forget the past but it was such a huge part of our life. It brought us sadness and happiness at the same time. We don't know what the future may hold but I just know that eventually a new chapter will begin in life and things do get better.

Life is but a fleeting moment, so do not waste a second on something doesn't make you smile. Remember to sit back, enjoy it, take many pictures & live in the moment!


Brooke Garrison

Located in Slidell, LA

B.Garrison Photography Studio

Vintage inspired, my cozy studio showcases my neutral, organic style of studio photography. During sessions, clients can rest easy knowing they are in a pristine space, and can relax while they help themselves to snacks and water. Clients will enjoy the multitude and variety of gorgeous high quality props and accessories that I have available! I'm so excited to invite my clients into this wonderful space that I love so much! Take a look!
xo, Brooke