Carter Fresh 48 New Orleans, La Photographer

I met Maddie a few years ago when she was working at the day care where my first son went. Over the years I stayed in touch... After Maddie found out she was pregnant I was super happy for her.

 At 18 weeks of her pregnancy Maddie had an emergency cerclage to make sure she wouldn't go into preterm labor. Two weeks later she had a check up and was slightly dilated. New Years Day she started to bleed, at that point Maddie would not leave the hospital until she delivered. Doctors ordered her strict bedrest ten days into her stay she had another cerclage 5 days later she went into labor and delivered on January 16th at 3:59am at 24 weeks. Baby Carter was born at 1.5 pounds & 12.5 inches long. When he was born Maddie and Reid did not get to hold him, he was whisked away to the NICU so holding him was not an option. Just a few weeks ago Maddie & I was in contact and I couldn't resist coming to help her document her sweet new baby while she would have her first skin to skin contact. As I did not know what I would be walking into my eyes filled with tears as I watched and captured this amazing moment between them. It filled my heart so much that I was able to give Maddie & Joseph this amazing memory that they can cherish for a lifetime! Carter is a true little fighter!

As of now Carter is having a few difficulties as he has gotten an infection which has spread to his lungs. Please keep Carter in your prayers! 


New Orleans, La Photographer