how do we choose a B.Garrison 2019 Senior Model?

  • to be a 2019 Graduating Senior

  • We love parent/guardian involvement! Having a relationship with our parents is very important to us. 

  • Having an active social media account... Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We post a lot on these sites so being able to tag our parents & seniors helps you to get the referrals!

  • We love to hear about your involvement with the school! Extra activities is a plus!

  • Having one amazing personality!

  • We love it when our seniors show us how excited they are to represent us! 

B. Garrison Model Fees are payable as follows:

$200 (non refundable) will be due June 15th 2018. The remaining $700 is due in 4 monthly payments starting July 15th 2018. If you prefer to pay in full that option is available to you. We accept paypal, cash, credit or check made payable to B.Garrison Photography.


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