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Over the past year, I have had a lot of interest in senior guy portrait sessions (and yes, I do do them). Now, I definitely don’t do nearly as many senior guys as girls, but I have definitely found a new love for photographing guys. Being a mother of 2 boys and 1 girl, so I have no idea what’s it like to be around boys.

When Angie contacted me about photographing Blaine’s senior portraits I was super excited. I was also really excited that Blaine would be traveling back to his home town from Texas. I love having out of town seniors. It makes me feel special they are traveling to the big easy for me to photograph this very important moment in their life. As most of you know the seniors have had their year cut short due to the Pandemic. Its been rough for many of them. For a moment I thought oh cool their summers have started early but for the seniors its been such a hard time as they have worked sooo hard for this moment.

Blaine came to his session with his baseball gear well because this is something that is his true dream. A mom of 2 boys I get it they love the game so much and work so hard to get better in this sport. But practice makes perfect right. I truly wish I had the boys with me on this session. They would have found this session very awesome as they look up to the older boys that play ball. It’s so cool for them like they are some kinda celeb to them.

Blaine, Good luck in the future & during this time making the best of the situations at hand. You got this!

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