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Fleur De Lis Event Center – Alyssa and Bryce

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Alyssa & Bryce

June 28, 2020 | Fleur De Lis Event Center Mandeville, La

Okay here we are again… Blogging! Its been a few weeks since we have blogged and catching up has been a hard one. With wedding season around the corner we will for sure be busy in the months to come trying to keep up with all the goodies! But hey thats how we like it! Today I am sharing some of my fave highlights from Alyssa & Bryce’s wedding. I like to call this wedding ‘ a wedding to remember ‘. 2 words describe it… Love and prayer. Thats all we need right when we have found the one? So the 2 of them are so in love! I don’t know what else to say. They had me in tears at so many moments of their wedding day. I might as well bring a box of Kleenex to these things. Which reminds me… Tomorrows checklist – Kleenex! But I’m sure thats a little secret you guys didn’t know… Us photographers – We Cry! Y’all always get us right in the good spots! And we love it! This means we are so far involved in your day LOL. I think thats why I love shooting weddings so much. The emotion always gets me coming back for more.

xoxo, Brooke

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